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We are releasing a new single these next couple of days.

Just finished the day of recording last minute things for the song. Drove around with Raco and Ben blasting while we drove around the neighborhood. It sounded and felt good.

Uploaded to distrokid and now just waiting for it to be on spotify before we make the official post but wanted to let the blog know first for anyone who is checking this,

this ones for you :)

Its called hivemind and its about social appearances and how everyone is now melding into the same person because of the internet.

I've been feeling really bad about not releasing anything is such a long time, I hope you seen soon what all that time was for. Life has not been kind around me and its a lot to write and think about. Taking in losses and pain, I kind of crawl into this shell and avoid the world when I can. Today was not that day.

I quit my job and began recording the next body of songs with Ben and Raco in October of last year, lighting a fire under my ass to get shit done.

This week we finished bass and vocals for this song and for most of the rest of the songs, that's all there's left to do. Shoutout to raco's loving family for providing the space and delicious meals during all of it. More on that as we approach its drop, but eager as hell to show you.

But anyways

Hope you like the direction we're going in with this one,

Till next time,


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