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Getting to the Bridge

Hello to those who read this, i feel its time for an update and i want to preface it with this:

Being in a band is a lot of fucking work.

Brock has decided to leave the band and pursue his own endeavors. It still makes me sad thinking about not playing with him but I know seeing him happier doing his own thing is much much more important. This wasn't really sudden either, just something we talked about and tried to maintain but change is really inevitable, especially when it comes to passions. This happened about a month or so ago but we've just been stretched ourselves with recording, our broken cars, and finding jobs. But soon enough we'll be playing again and didn't want anything left out in the dark. And yes I know,

three members have been rotated this so far and what does that say about us?

I've thought about this for a while and each time I replay these certain moments, where I felt like we needed to change, it was always for the right reason.

When it came to Andy and Emilio, it was because they were not in this like we were. Emilio wanted us to record his parts for him and Andy constantly complained about the songs we were writing and both always using the same excuse of "It doesn't make sense". It wasn't until Raco came until we found someone who saw through the madness and could make sense of it, being on the same page. And thankfully for Brock that was never really the issue, more about wanting to branch of and pursue other interests.

And I know this is all personal but this is what it really is. Music is the most personal thing in the world and it wouldn't be music without all of this,. These people we've jammed with was not without forming some kind of emotional connection. But it also hurt the feeling of wanting to do it in the first place. this is why we had to change.

With all of these challenges, we have persisted and feel this evolution completing in a way thats leaving us feeling hungry, strong, and new. Our upcoming show March 31st at the Echo is going to be the best set we've ever played, I can already feel it in the practices we've had so far. New album comes out this month, not sure what day but we're extremely close to finish mixing all of it.

I hope this answers some questions you might've been having.

With love,


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