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Pre-First Entry, I guess?

Updated: Jan 4

By the time you read this, it'll be the 'opening' of the new website YAY!

But right now, its midnight, probably weeks away from the release. And I'm still scrambling to find the right pictures, the right colors, the right words...

To be honest this itself is quite terrifying.

But anyways, my goal with this is to kind of break the barrier right now that's between us. I want to let you into more about who and what this band is, the reasons, and all the heart that comes with it.

So what better way to kick this site off than to share with you the story of how Ben and I became friends....

This one has two parts. The story starts in 6th grade, when Ben spots me with this bootleg Iron Maiden shirt I had on. I thought I liked music at the time, not super into Iron Maiden but after meeting Ben I realized there were other levels to loving this stuff. At the time the new iPod came out and I was geeked on tech at the time, and this is where the disconnect was. A day after he spots my shirt, Ben shows me his iPod with all these artists i'm not familiar with and generally not super hyped on. I said yeah that's great and sadly I fucked off and kept with my iPod playing crew up until the next year.

This is where part two begins.

Im not sure the day or approximate time of year this was, but I have this moment seared into my brain, the day I realized I was gonna be friends with this dude. It was math class 7th grade and we were in the midst of a test. Im sat next to Ben in a very quiet classroom when I notice him quietly but also somewhat aggressively breathing. I look over and see his arms curled under the desk, bending one of those transparent semi-bendable rulers in between his hands. I realized he was trying to see how far he could bend it before it snapped, his face somewhat red from exerting what seemed to be a lot of force on this ruler but before I could finish that thought...BAM! The ruler fucking shatters lol

Pieces fall to the floor, I try to hold in my already loud laugh through my lips but I PPPFFFFFFTTTTTTT'd and Ben scrambles to act calm and natural while whispering

"shhhh shit o shit shut up shut up!.... we're good" ..... I can still hear our laughing if I really focus on this memory.

Definitely had some heads turning but from what I remember, the teacher didn't notice. I spent the next couple minutes just laughing with him back there. From there on I only remember hanging out with Ben. Before I knew it were dancing in his room listening to music, walking around school talking about music, getting into trouble at school together, and started to pickup this beautiful magical thing called a guitar.

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